Physics Private Tuitions (PPT) was started in the year 2016 when four stalwarts of Physics decided to come together as one unit. Important point here, though PPT is born in 2016 but all the directors have experience of teaching ranging from 10 to 20 years. So basically, PPT is combination of Experience and Enthusiasm, Knowledge and Passion, Execution skills and Energy.

Client: Physics Private Tuitions (PPT)
Industry: Education
Services:  Website development
Via: Physics Private Tuitions 


The client wanted us to design and develop a website for their business, additionally we were also given the the task to look after the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the website.


Our whole team decided to divide the whole task into three parts, i.e. Designing, Developing, and Optimizing. We set out a plan that would help us work together to achieve our target smoothly. The Web Developers designed and developed a brilliant website and our SEO team maintained the optimization of the website as per the clients requirement.


The plan that our team laid out at the start of commencing with the task played an important part in helping us achieve optimum results and meeting our clients expectations. Our work was appreciated by the client and it helped their business in a way that was desired by them. The SEO work helped them maintain their ranking on search engines and hence making their business visible to more and more people online.