LinkRek is a platform that has been created with the intent to aggregate all recruitment firms in India, so that we can provide visibility to all members on a single platform. Vision is to link the entire ecosystem that services the recruitment industry, enabling candidates to find the appropriate agency that they can entrust their next career move with. Or when a client organisation intends to look for a recruitment partner to fulfill their vacancies, this platform could throw up a list of probable agencies – that have been reviewed, attested by candidates, peers or other client organisations.

Client: LinkRek
Industry: Recruitment
Services:  Website development
Via: Linkrek


The client required a brand new optimized website that would help them generate more and more leads in the future. The client expected us to create and develop an optimized website that would attract prospective leads and help them achieve their business goals.


Our Web Design and Web Development team did a proper research and analysis about the client, market behavior and consumer behavior before making a concrete plan regarding the task given to us by the client. We used many strategies and techniques that included Web Development & Web Design based centrally on optimum UI & UX (User Interface and User Experience). The website was designed to create an impact on the viewers.  A client like Linkrek has in-depth knowledge about the market and hence we needed to be on point with our work.


The examination and research done before initiating with the Web Development and Web Design work, helped us to make an ideal site which awed the client as well as it made an effect on the prospective customers/ leads in a split second. The UI and UX focused methodology made the site work and the outcome was advantageous for the client.