Antal International Network is a global Executive Recruitment firm combining permanent, temporary, interim and contract recruitment solutions launched in 1993 by Mr. Tony Goodwin. Headquartered in London, Antal today has over 148+ offices in 33 countries. Mr. Joseph Devasia, Managing Director of Antal International Network, India established his business since Jan 2007 and mounted the ladder of success in the initial years. Since then began Antal’s journey of franchising in India and over the years, It has been able to establish 48 successful franchises across 13 cities.

Client: India antalfranchising
Industry: Recruitment
Services: SEO, Google ads, Videos & Website management
Via: Antal Franchising

We were approached to work on boosting lead generations through increase in traffic.
At that time the leads that were being generated were unfiltered and the lead conversion rate was well
below par. Our initial brief was to do our work in order to boost traffic organically and then move
on to other strategies that would help in traffic boosting and lead generation as well as the lead  conversion rate
for the client.

We realized that this was not just a typical lead generation project, it was much more detailed than
that. We were dealing with a well-known and a client with a worldwide reach of its own. So we had
to figure out how to work on this project without affecting the base strategies of the client. We suggested
the client to boost traffic through two things i.e. through Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
and through Google AdWords. Boosting traffic organically through SEO was bound to pay dividends and so we decided to go with target filtered traffic through Google AdWords so that we make optimum utilization of resources and our clients benefit from the efficiency of our services.

After constant work on SEO and Google AdWords, our hard work started to pay dividend. The traffic
(filtered) showed a massive difference compared to when we started the project. The
progress was visible with almost 400% increase in relevant traffic and also lead conversion
rate was significantly boosted thanks to the relevancy of traffic generated through
SEO and AdWords. Our clients were more than happy with the results of the work done by us and that
helped in creating a great professional relationship between us and the clients.