HourlyBee is a US based client. It is a flexible platform where workers can search for hourly jobs and
utilize their free time to earn extra hourly wages for a better living. The aim behind this initiative hasalways been to provide a subtle and easy way for workers and businesses to reach each other instantly.The idea of HourlyBee to be able to provide an on-demand workforce and in order to do that, we simplified the process of hiring and coordination between the workers and the businesses.

Client: HourlyBee
Industry: Providing Hourly Bases work in USA
Services: ASO, Google ads, Videos, Facebook & Instagram campaign, creatives and Website management
Via: HourlyBee

The main challenge here was to increase the number of app downloads over a specific target area
and a given target audience. Ranking the keywords for increasing app downloads through
App Store Optimization(ASO). We had to use strategies that would specifically target the areas and
people as per the clients’ requirement.

Being an overseas client, maintaining constant communication with the client was difficult and the
client, therefore, gave us the liberty to use our creativity to meet their requirement. At first, we created
new and relevant content for the app. The content creation was based on
getting the app optimized through App Store Optimization(ASO). Ranking the keywords played an
essential part in the optimization of the app.