Fisique is a Mumbai based client. Fisique is an online academy known for their expertise in Physics and solving various doubts related to physics, online. Prof. Shrenik Shah has assembled a great team of experts who come up with solutions to problems with the help of modern technology which can reach every home and every one. You will find personalized doubt solving which will help you to understand the question along with the solution for the same.

Client: Fisique
Industry: Education
Services:  Facebook & Instagram, Mobile & Website development
Via: Fisique


We were tasked with the responsibility to design and develop the clients’ website. Our team analyzed the needs of the client in order for us to make a website that meets our clients expectations. Our team analyzed the customer behavior to help us have a better understanding of what the customers are looking out for from the market. Our goal was to build a UI (User Interface) & UX (User Experience) centric website that would meet our clients expectations and help them attract prospective clients.


Dealing with a client from the Education industry meant we had no margin for error whatsoever. Having the opportunity to work on such a project comes with tremendous responsibility and that’s something that motivates us to work even harder to meet our clients’ expectations. We used many strategies and techniques that included Web Development & Web Design based centrally on optimum UI & UX (User Interface and User Experience). The website was designed to create an impact on the viewers and it exceeded our clients’ expectations.


The research and analytics done before commencing with the Web Development & Web Design work, helped us to make an optimum website which not only impressed the clients but it created an impact on the viewers almost instantly. The UI & UX centred strategy made the website work and the results worthwhile