The Belvedere golf and country club are one of India’s largest social clubs in Ahmedabad. It is
a lifestyle crafted and curated for the elite. Adani Shantigram is a township-owned by the ADANI
group and it defines “the good life” and has designed this club impeccably to savor the pleasures
of life. The ADANI Shantigram township lies in one of the most exclusive addresses in Gujarat.

Client: Belvedere club ( Adani )
Industry: Golf and country club
Services: SEO, Google ads, Facebook lead generation & Creatives
Via: Belvedere shanti gram

We were approached to work on the strategies and techniques to increase the membership of
the club and to create a buzz about the club and its’ luxurious lifestyle. We were also asked to create
a strong social media presence for the client in order to help them connect easily with their target
audience and prospective members.

Dealing with a client of this stature meant we had no margin for error whatsoever. Working on such
a huge project comes with tremendous responsibility and that’s something that makes us work even
harder to meet our clients’ expectation. We used many strategies and techniques that included
Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Google Adwords, Facebook lead generation and LinkedIn to
create a buzz about our clients’ services i.e amenities and attract prospective members.



The project has made tremendous progress up until now and it shows no sign of changing.
Social media platforms went buzzing with various engaging activities and the creatives made
a visual impact on the viewer that exceeded our expectations. Creativity helped us in creating
a buzz and a long-lasting impact on the viewers has helped in the creation of a strong social media
presence for the client. Facebook lead generation proved to be extremely successful as far as
the target and clients’ expectations were concerned. The overall project is a huge success and
our ever improving strategies and creativity will make sure that will maintain our level of service.